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Studying for the K53 Test 3

K53 Car Test 2 Questions – Road Signs & Markings

Question 1 What does the following warning sign indicate? A A first-aid post. B A railway crossing. C An intersection ahead. Question 2 What does the following sign indicate? A This section of the road is for pedestrians only. B Give right of way to pedestrians who would like to cross the street. C Stop

Studying for the K53 Test 2

K53 Car Test 1 Questions – Rules of The Road

Question 1 Under what conditions is it permitted to carry passengers in a vehicle that is being towed? (i) When traveling at 35 kph. (ii) If the vehicle being towed is a semi-trailer. (iii) Only if the vehicle doing the towing is a tractor. Select the correct combination A (i) and (ii) B All of

Studying for K53

K53 Car Test 1 Questions – Road Signs & Markings

Question 1 What does the following sign indicate? A Beware of roadwork ahead. B Only vehicles used for agriculture are permitted. C Watch for agricultural vehicles on the roadway. Question 2 What does this sign indicate when illuminated? A No through way. B Unguarded railway crossing ahead. C Vehicles may not be driven in this

Preparing for the K53 Test

K53 Car Test 1 Questions – Vehicle Controls

Question 1 What instrument is used to turn? A 4 B 5 C 10 Question 2 What controls must be used when turning sharply? A 1,3,5,6 and 8 B 3,4,5,9 and 10 C 1,3,4,5,6,8,9 and 10 Question 3 What is used to stop a vehicle? A 9 B 8 C 7 Question 4 What is

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7 Car Maintenance Tips You Can Perform on Your Own

In order to keep your car in good condition, both performance- and aesthetics-wise, you need to keep up with various maintenance procedures. There are some jobs that are best left to professionals, but there are also plenty of tasks that you can take on yourself. Doing them on your own can help you save money,

FREE K53 learners test examples

We provide free learners licence practice questions that you can expect to find in the actual test. Our tests include clear illustrations so that you are well prepared for your learners.
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