About us

K53Tests is your best choice when it comes to getting your learner’s licence in South Africa. We’re here to help you pass the test and get your learner’s licence without difficulty.

Our goal

We are very proud of our track record of helping learners pass their tests the first time. With our online system you will have access to all the tests when you sign up. Our system is an easy, fool-proof way of preparing for your SA learner’s licence.
– John McKade

K53 learners tests

What's important?

At K53Tests we understand the importance of you getting your learner’s licence first time which is why you have access to questions on:

We’re here to make getting your learner’s licence fun. When you remove the stress of not knowing whether you’ll pass or not, it is a lot more enjoyable preparing to get your licence.

You still have to put in the hard work by going through all the example questions, but once you’re done you’ll have peace of mind that you’re well prepared for the test. Our system has a proven track record that will require effort and determination on your part to succeed.

FREE K53 learners test examples

We provide free learners licence practice questions that you can expect to find in the actual test. Our tests include clear illustrations so that you are well prepared for your learners.
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