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In Order To Drive A Shuttle Or A Mini Bus Do You Need To Acquire A Special Licence?

Depending on the circumstances you need to acquire an additional permit for the transportation of fare-paying passengers.

Depending on the situation which you find yourself in there are different requirements to which you must adhere to, in order to receive the most accurate information we will advise that you contact your nearest traffic department.

The department will be able to assist you with your queries and provide you with information regarding the process of applying.

When You Intend On Turning, What Is The Appropriate Distance To Indicate?

There is no provision under the law which indicated a specific distance in meters for the signalling of your intention to turn.

K53 Questions Signaling

Be considerate to other road users and indicate with the necessary amount of time in order for them to acknowledge your intention and make the appropriate adjustment to their speed.

If A Driver Exceeds The Temporary Speed Limit Can It Result In A Fine?

Failure to obey a temporary version of any regulatory sign will result in an infringement notice, better known as a fine.

It is important to remember that yellow temporary signs take precedence over any permanent versions which may be situated in the near environment.

General practice is that the permanent version will be covered to avoid confusion.

Are You Allowed To Drive In The Yellow Lane To Allow Overtaking?

It is often seen as being courteous to move out of the way of a vehicle who is barrelling down on you by inching into the yellow lane allowing the other vehicle to pass you.

When you have your driving licence you may only drive on that side of the line, if:

  • In two-way road where vehicles are travelling in opposite directions but there is only one lane,
  • While another car is overtaking you,
  • Between sunrise and sunset,
  • Whilst performing the action safely, and
  • While visibility is good for 150 metres ahead.
K53 Questions Yellow Line

You can thus only drive in the yellow lane when you are being friendly but not endangering other people’s lives in the process of completing the action.

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Yellow lane, indicators and road signs are only some of the questions which you may be wondering about, and with due course as it is not taught in such great detail when you study for the learner’s licence.

If you have more unanswered K53 Question, or if you are wondering about any other matters feel free to contact our consultants and we will assist you in the best means possible. Please read our other articles if you're looking for more information on the learners test and how to pass your learners.

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