SA Rules Of The Road

Learn These Essential Road Laws To Pass Your Drivers Test

Knowing These Rules Of The Road Is Vital To Getting Your Driver’s License

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Do You Want to Know What The SA Rules Of The Road Are

Knowing The SA Rules Of The Road Is Evident To Safe Driving

Knowledge is the key to success.

It is important to remember that the SA rules of the road are not the equivalent to school rules which can be broken and you will still get away with disobeying them, breaking these could be the difference between life and death.Penalties such as traffic infringement are just the tip of the iceberg, breaking the rules can lead to the suspension of your driver’s licence or jail time.The worst punishment of all is having the death of injuries of your fellow citizens on your conscience, no amount of time in the world can make the feeling of such guilt go away.

Know Your Rules

A section tested during the learner’s test are the rules. This is a section which you need to pass along with the road signs and vehicle control sections. In order to pass this section, you need to score a minimum of 22 points out of a possible 30 points.

The regulations which have been passed is the key to your success as a driver if you follow them your chances of infringements are limited, but let us be honest we are only human and we do make mistakes.

South African Rules Of The Road

  • The core rule of driving is to keep to the left
  • Keep to the speed limits as indicated on the road signs
  • Tow a vehicle which has faulty brakes through the use of a tow bar, ropes are not sufficient enough to secure two vehicles to each other
  • Towing a vehicle with a rope limits you to a speed limit of 30 km/h
  • If you have to stop suddenly and swerve to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of you, you are driving too close, it is evident to maintain a safe following distance
  • Maintain an average speed of 60 km/h in town and city areas
  • Never leave a vehicle while the engine is running unattended
  • Before changing lanes you need to follow the procedure of checking the lane which you want to enter for coming traffic, indicate to other drivers what your intentions are and check the lane you are moving into again
  • Stopping within 5 meters of a bridge is not permitted
  • The only time you are permitted to pass a vehicle on the left is when the vehicle is turning right and you will not be forced to drive onto the shoulder
  • A flashing robot must be treated as a stop sign
  • An emergency vehicle sounding a siren on the road has way of right, give way to such vehicles
SA Rules Of The Road Average Speed
  • Stopping within 6 meters of a pedestrian crossing is not permitted
  • When another vehicle is in the process of overtaking you, keep to the left and maintain your speed
  • You may not stop on a freeway unless you are instructed by a traffic sign, officer or due to extreme traffic conditions
  • Your dim lights cannot exceed a maximum shining distance of 45m in front of your vehicle
  • When you are turning right, yield to oncoming traffic to prevent a collision
  • When visibility is less than 150 meters in front of you the headlights must be switched on, including during the sunset and sunrise
  • Traffic circles is the downfall of traffic in SA, so keep to the rule and yield to vehicles already in the circle
  • Parking your vehicle on a road outside of an urban area is restricted to 24 hours
  • When your visibility is less than 100 meters, when you are near a curve or near the top of the hill you may not pass another vehicle
  • Your vehicles hooter pitch has to be consistent
  • You are required to renew your vehicle’s licence every twelve months
  • All passengers in the vehicle must be wearing seatbelts
  • The tire threads must be at least 1mm
  • Passengers are not permitted to ride on the bonnet of a vehicle
  • The allowed distance between two vehicles being towed may not exceed 3.5m
  • A licenced driver must be present in a vehicle with a learner driver

There are a lot of road rules to remember, trying to memorise them will be a tedious exercise.

The important thing to remember about the rules are that they are obvious when you are driving and you think for even a moment “what is the worst that can happen?” you probably should not engage in the manoeuver.

The rules are the guidelines for safe driving techniques, implemented to keep you safe on the roads.

Passing Your Drivers Test

Knowing the SA rules of the road not only brings you one step closer to your driver’s licence and understanding the K53 learners method of testing, it also enhances awareness of safe driving requirements and placed emphasises on the need for safe driving techniques.

We know the importance of the rules and make it one of our core principles during our lessons. Contact us today to learn more about the rules and what we can offer you. Please read our other articles if you're looking for more information on the learners test and how to pass your learners.

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Sam Jones
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Sam Jones
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