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K53 Car Test 1 - Road Signs & Markings Questions

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K53 Car Test 1 Questions – Road Signs & Markings

Question 1

south african learners licence23

What does the following sign indicate?

ABeware of roadwork ahead.
BOnly vehicles used for agriculture are permitted.
CWatch for agricultural vehicles on the roadway.

Question 2

south african learners licence9

What does this sign indicate when illuminated?

ANo through way.
BUnguarded railway crossing ahead.
CVehicles may not be driven in this lane.

Question 3

south african learners licence5

What does road marking GM in the sketch show?

AShows the lanes for road users.
BDivided the road in two sections.
CIs only found in a parking area.

Question 4

south african learners licence28

What does the following sign indicate?

ACurve to the left ahead.
BDanger plate on left.
CTemporary detour to the left.

Question 5

south african learners licence18

What do the following road markings indicate?

AThe road surface is uneven.
BTraffic may not over take or cross the lines on either side.
CBus lane.

Question 6

south african learners licence211

What does the following warning sign indicate?

AThe road winds ahead.
BBeware of sharp curves ahead.
CWatch for a concealed entrance to the left followed by another one to the right.

Question 7

south african learners licence25

What does road marking “A” in the following diagram indicate?

AAmbulance parking only.
BNo parking.
CLane reserved for emergency vehicles only.

Question 8

south african learners licence4

What does the following sign indicate?

AThe speed limit is 100 kph at night.
BThe speed limit is 100 when your lights are on.
CDistance to the next town.

Question 9

south african learners licence17

What does road marking RTM1 illustrate in sketch?

AVehicle A must stop before the indicated line and proceed when safe.
BVehicle A must reduce speed and proceed if safe.
CVehicle B may pass vehicle A if there are no other vehicles in the intersection.

Question 10

south african learners licence12

What does the following sign indicate?

ATaxis only.
BYou can drive there if you wish.
CMotor cars only.

Question 11

south african learners licence13

What does the following sign indicate?

AHeavy vehicles are permitted during the times posted.
BTankers must use this road during the times showed on the sign.
CVehicles carrying hazardous materials may only use the road during the times posted on the sign.

Question 12

south african learners licence16

What does the following sign indicate?

AExpect a sharp bend to the right.
BRoad becomes one way to the right.
CMust turn right at the next road.

Question 13

south african learners licence29

What does the following sign indicate?

AMinibuses are prohibited beyond this point.
BVehicles are prohibited.
CMinibuses may not pick up passengers.

Question 14

south african learners licence26

What does arrow E in the sketch indicate?

AAll traffic traveling in this lane must turn right.
BTraffic can turn right or continue in the same direction if it is safe.
CDrivers may change lanes if they need to go straight.

Question 15

south african learners licence24

What does the following sign indicate?

AYou must turn left at the stop sign.
BStop, turn left, or continue straight ahead.
CStop when traveling straight or turning right. When turning left the sign may be used like a yield sign.

Question 16

south african learners licence15

Where is the following sign found?

AAt a traffic circle where right of way is applicable.
BAt a dangerous place where roadwork is being done.
CAt a sharp curve to the right.

Question 17

south african learners licence8

What does a red light with a flashing green right arrow indicate?

APedestrians may proceed.
BVehicles turning right may proceed.
CAll traffic must turn right.

Question 18

south african learners licence3

What does the following sign indicate when flashing?

APolice blockade ahead.
BDanger on the road ahead.
CRobot ahead.

Question 19

south african learners licence14

What does the following sign indicate?

ASlow down, the road forks ahead on a steep decline.
BPrepare to stop. Your brakes will be examined at a checkpoint.
CThere is an arrestor bed ahead to be used if your brakes fail.

Question 20

south african learners licence27

What does the following road marking indicate?

BWatch for school children.
CYield to all other traffic and trains when present.

Question 21

south african learners licence30

What does the following sign indicate?

AAll vehicles must drive here.
BVehicles are permitted to drive here.
CMotor cars only.

Question 22

south african learners licence7

What do all road signs with a yellow background indicate?


Question 23

south african learners licence6

What is the difference between road marking AA and road marking BB?

AThere is no difference. Each road marking indicates a no passing zone.
BEach road marking indicates a no passing zone. Road marking AA is found on all roads. Road marking BB is found on freeways only.
CAA indicates that passing is prohibited. BB prohibits passing as well as driving over it to make a turn.

Question 24

What does the following sign indicate?

south african learners licence10
ADo not drive during posted hours.
BDo not park between 09:00 and 16:00.
CDo not stop during posted hours.

Question 25

south african learners licence19

What does the road marking below indicate?

ASingle level railway crossing ahead.
BIntersection ahead.
CThe freeway ends ahead.

Question 26

south african learners licence22

What does the following sign indicate?

ALoading zone for goods vehicles.
BLoading zone for private vehicles.
CConstruction vehicles only.

Question 27

south african learners licence21

What does the following sign indicate?

AWindy conditions for the next 12 km.
BWindy conditions in 12 km.
CSlippery conditions for 12 km.

Question 28

south african learners licence11

What does the following sign indicate?

AMotor cars prohibited.
BNo vehicles.
CNo parking.

Question 29

sa learner licence 20

What does the following road marking indicate?

AParking is permitted.
BA block pedestrian crossing.
CDo not drive on this island marking.

Question 30

south african learners licence1

What does the following sign indicate?

AWindy conditions.
BUntarred surface.
CSlippery conditions.

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