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Your Mission

Should you choose to accept it…

If you're anything like us, 'passing your learners' was like a horror/epic starring Tom Cruise and narrated by Morgan Freeman. We swapped war stories of failing, all-nighters and blanking out with panic during the exam.

Then we realised ... it doesn't have to be so dramatic!
There must be another way?

K53 Learners


The Challenge

Are you up to it…

So we sat down and decided what would have made getting our learners feel like getting an ice cream on the Durbs promenade. And here it is, our gift to you! No more sleepless nights, no more cramming, no more procrastinating with Game of Thrones.

The thing you want most is to pass your K53 learners test the first time. No freezing on the day. Been there, done that.